Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hello and sorry!

We've been busy!
I'm working on a book....  Two actually.....  Yup......  I've tried to write before and never finished the books I've started so I'm making a point to myself to finish what I've started:-)

If you're interested I'll give you the "Plots"!  And titles....

We watched our two ADORABLE cousins today!  Chloe (age: 3) and Hunter (age: 6 months).

Just to let you know why there is the red across the top:  I took pictures of a picture......  Isn't that bad of me?  But aren't they sooooooooo cute?  Hunter is such a happy baby.....  And Chloe is a doll!

Artsy Peacock is having a giveaway!  Ya'll should go to her site!


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