Sunday, May 20, 2012

My paragraph for Chatty Kathy's Writing Challange!

I sat watching the wind blow the huge trees.  Not far from my little mouse hole, there is a house that, whatever those tall two legged creatures are, live in.  I remember almost getting caught a long time ago.  Here's how it happened:
My mother, Sally Mouse, asked me to find food for the family.  She cautioned me not to go anywhere near the tall two legged creatures.  But, foolishly, I didn't listen.   I saw food on a blanket in the grass.  There was a tall two leg with hair the color of a tomato sitting with her back to me.  I thought I could just grab a chunk of bread without her noticing.  She didn't notice until the dog barked at me.  She screamed and ran into the house, and the dog chased me into my hole.  SAFE!  I learned my lesson.  I'm never doing that again.

What Y'all think? 


P.S.  The animal is mouse.  Just in case I didn't clarify that :-)


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