Saturday, July 21, 2012

A dream come true

Hello everyone!

Your probably wondering about the title...  Well, I would too:-)  'Splaination: It has been a dream of mine to see a profesional play.  And last night I got to see one!!!!!!!  

A P.A.L.O.A. production play of Rogers and Hammerstine's musical, "South Pacific"!!! 

Why I wanted to got to this peticular play:  I've got a friend, his name is Conner, and he is around 10 years old.  His mom told me that he was is "South Pacific" and that she really thought that I would enjoy it.  Being his friend of course I would want to go, secretly knowing that this was one of my dreams, I asked my parents if I could see it. 

Summery: Things weren't looking promising untill my mom (and aunt) suprised me with telling me I could go.  So yesterday I got the tickets and I got to go with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and two of the best grown-up friends I've got:-) 

I knew I would like it.  But I didn't know I would LOVE it!!!!!!  The lighting. Beautiful music.  Lovely dancing.  Breathtaking singing.  Adorable costumes.  Wonderful characters.  Friendly actors.  And realistic seenes!  It was so neat!!!   


Feel free to ask questions!



  1. Yeah, it is always a lot of fun to go to plays! I have been in several plays as well going to see them, and just love the whole theatre experience! :)



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