Saturday, July 14, 2012


A poem of lightning
It's forked tounge licked the earth,
It's stomach rumbled low and feirce,
Little children screamed and hid,
Afraid of what would happen to what next was desired,
In spite of its full ugly girth,
The greedy thing longed for fear,
Then a prayer was spoken so to get rid,
Of the frightning roar and tounge of fire.
A gust of wind-a puff of cloud,
Brought forth the sun,
On earth it smiled,
God blessed the children who gathered near,
He blessed the babies and got rid of the sound,
But God, He held dear the one,
Who prayed, cast out, and defiled,
The evil known to us as fear.
A poem of books
Oh the pages of a book!
For adventure, not far will you have to look,
For love, flip two pages more,
For sadness go the the books center, its core,
Get another book for tales,
Of kings, and queens, and peasnts wailes,
You might meet the elven folk,
Or even learn what the faries hope,
You might find a magic door,
Where there's peace or sometimes war,
Those who read are not absured.
We know the importance of a word.


What do you think of them?  I wrote them on "spure of the moment" writing spree last night because of the lightning keeping me up...

Tell me what you think!!!!!!


P.s.  I'm going to try to get on later.  There is something I'm wanting to post about....


  1. I love them!!!! They're so cool!!!! I write "spur of the moment", too. :) I don't think I could stand the boredom of actually have to "plan" it out. Know what I mean?? Hope you have a great day!!


    1. Me neither! I can't stand it. Don't have paitence for it:-)

    2. It would be cool if we could email each other sometime:-) Because coments goes right to my blog and have to be aproved, nobody else could see it. I've got some questions I want to ask about a "secret writing project" I'm working on. But you don't need to if you rather not:-) I promise I'm a safe emailer!

    3. Sure! Sounds good. I promise I'm a safe emailer, too. ;)

  2. So how's your story going?? Just in case my other comment went funky (otherwise I'm thinking you just weren't on and haven't approved it yet) the email thing would work out!! I promise I'm a safe emailer, too. :)

  3. Question: how do you want to do the email thingy??

    1. My story is going good. Very slowly... But good:-D
      I was wondering if you would to do a guest post on one of my blogs:-) Any blog of your choice:-)
      You can comment your email address in a seprate comment. I just won't aprove it. I'm excited that your okay with emailing me! I started bloging so I could make more friends:-)
      Later gator!

  4. Haha, some of my stories are going pretty slowly, too. I'm trying to break myself out of it. :/

    Sure! How do you guest post? Like you made me an author of one of your blogs or what? I'm not quite sure how to do that... but anyway...

    Yeah! I asked my mom and she said it was OK. So that's good!! You seem really funny. :)

    If it's OK with you I can put the comment moderation on Storyteller of Weston County (like tomorrow morning, let's say? I'll put up some text at the bottom about it...) and you leave yours. I'd just feel better about it that way. 'Kay?

    This is going to be so much fun!!

    See ya later, alligator! ;D



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