Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Story Club and randomness

Hi folks!

I'm sorry I haven't been posting......  I've got lots to catch up on don't I? 

First of all I want to thank Storyteller and MajorAGfan<3 for awarding me!!!  I don't have much time to post......  So I'll continue on.....  (Sorry girls I'll do a post on the rewards soon I promise!)

Are any of you writers???  Are you interested in writing?  Well I'm part of a blog just for being a writer!  It's called..... (Can you guess???)  The Stoy Club!!!  Click on "The Story Club" please!

Tomorrow I get to go to a place FULL of beads!!!  The place it called "Shipwreck Beads".   And I've been wanting to go there.....  It's one of the biggest bead stores in the WORLD!  If I remember I'll bring my camera! 

The newest blog I follow is called "From Here To Womanhood" by Alley.  It's pretty cool!

As soon as I get over my stage fright I want to be part of the musical theater!  (I can dream can't I?)


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  1. It's OK about the award. :) Thanks for putting up the link for The Story Club!! More information on that--if you would like to be apart of that, please comment and say so on one of the blog posts. I'm the admin, so I'll get back to you!
    P.S. Thanks Madeline for joining!! ;)


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