Friday, July 13, 2012


"Maddie!  Maddie wake up!  Wake up!"
Someone was shaking my shoulder.
I opened my eyes.  They were cloudy from being jerked from sleep. 
I looked at the silhouette in front of me. 
I then recognized the unruly and curly red hair of my sister Allison. 
"Why did you wake me up?  What time is it?" I looked at the clock. 
"5:21!  You woke me up at 5:00 in the morning?  Why in the wor-"
All of the sudden there was a bright flash and a loud booming crack.
"Did the lightning storm last all the way through the night?!?!?!?"
"Yup.  You missed the big ones.  I'm suprised you slept through them at all."
(I'm a really good sleeper:-)  And I don't get up unless it's my alarm for 7:00.)

Right before I fell asleep, a lightning storm was just begining.

"Wanna go out to the living room to watch it where we can see it better?"
"Sure." My sister said. 

So we went out and watched lightning till 6:00. 
Then we started watching Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffeth, I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Gunsmoke, and then Bonanza:-)
The lightning storm has been going on since 11:00 last night.  And we are getting it around our house again.




  1. Yeah, lightning's pretty cool. ;) I just don't like it when it starts fires!! But it's so cool. Like it's God's own fireworks show!!

  2. They are like God's fireworks! The lightning didn't stop till like 3:00 in the morning...

  3. I've got some poems I need to post soon... I'll try to get them posted soon!


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