Monday, July 16, 2012

Thoughts and Dreams

Hi friends! 

Here's just some random stuff!

Dreams: Last night I had a dream. In the dream I had a blog called,"The Cuteness of Angery Cupcakes."

Thoughts: When I woke up, the first 2 thoughts that came to mind was,"I like Greek Yogurt." and "It's pouring down rain." when it was actually really sunny.

Dreams:  I want to be a singer and actress, but I've got really bad stage fright and can't do it easily.

Thoughts: I think everyone should keep a diary or journal.  I do.  I've got one for everyday life and one for my writing atempts.

Dreams:  I want to be a big time writer.  I want to write a Sci-Fi saga kinda like Star Wars, but don't have that kind of imagination.

Thoughts:  While I was helping my siblings get firewood, I realized that it was part of God's plan.  The circle of life:  God grows trees, my dad chops tree down, we stack it to dry, we burn it, then more seedlings grow from the seeds of the tree we choped down. 

Dreams:  I wish I could read stuff out of books....  That probably sounds odd but if you had one wish, what super-power would you wish for?

Thoughts:  I'm probably posting one of the most boring posts ever....  So I'll blog off in another direction:-)

The way I think is the way I go.
Thoughts are the way I think I know.
What if the thoughts I think are wrong?
I'll need to stop and listen to natures song,
What if the thoughts I think are true?
Than I would be standing near by you.
What about my hopes and dreams?
They both work together as they would have to it seems.
But what if they didn't work together?
I'd be as clueless as the thought of never.



  1. Haha, "The Cuteness of Angry Cupcakes!" hahahahaha, that's hilarious!! Oh my word!! I definitely don't have dreams like that. =D haha, you're so funny! ;) Love the poem!


    P.S. Put the thingy up on Storyteller of Weston County...

  2. I usually don't have dreams like that either. That was a new one for me!
    Glad you think so:D

  3. Haha, yeah. I sent you your email! It says it's from Andria Dragorn (haha), but it's me. :)


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